Arp Dinkelaker is a designer, composer and musician living in Berlin Mitte with a broad, almost a bit frayed, musical background:
After he had received a profound classical education in his teenage years (choir, violin, piano and also harmony, because he was already composing at the age of 12), he emancipated himself from that classical approach at the age of 20. He learned the guitar within a very short time, wrote his own songs , founded a band, landed a record deal and then… released the two probably most unknown and most unsuccessful power pop albums of the 1990s – yikes! – before and while he devoted himself uncompromisingly to studying architecture, minimal art, and electronic music (perhaps that’s why…).

In 1997 he followed his love and the party to Berlin, where he lost himself in the minimal techno universes typical for the town at the time.
Ever since he has been working – lately less and less secretly and desperately – on a synthesis of all of these actually quite incompatible facets of his musical biography and has rediscovered the piano (luckily he still has his old semi-acoustic Yamaha CP80 grand piano) as an effective means for his works on neopolyphonic sound clusters and on cultivating a playing style that he discovered and developed while practicing a three-part fugue by Bach.

Arp´s motto on Instagram:
„Designing by daylight, playing minimal piano after dark“. Spot On.